A small selection of bird watching holidays across our range and if you wish to enjoy bird watching in Uganda, India, Iceland or Australia or indeed elsewhere, then do let us know and we can design your holiday and provide some outstanding guides.

Our Holiday Ideas

Introduction to Bird Watching Holidays

We can help you enjoy a tailor made bird watching holiday, whether as an individual, couple or a group of friends. Keen bird watchers ourselves, when out on research trips, we have met with great guides across different continents from Australia to Asia and South America who are sure to make your birding more rewarding and enjoyable.

Whether you simply wishing to enjoy some casual bird watching on a sedate wildlife holiday, or are chasing specific birds such as resplendent quetzal, Andean cock-of-the-rock, Harpy eagle or other specialties, rarities and 'lifers ' in the neotropics then do contact us. Equally, we can help you find all of Europe's woodpecker or owl species if you desire.

If you are a beginner getting into bird watching then within Europe there are some excellent locations for bird watching holidays that will really help you advance in your knowledge, identification and overall enjoyment of being outdoors among the birds.



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