Discover with us some of Peru's natural highlights and classic cultural sights.

 A really good holiday, Peru is a beautiful country from mountains to deserts. Important to get away from the tourist hot spots which we did. Thoroughly enjoyed.Mr. & Mrs F. - Cheshire 

 Amazon jungle - excellent!! Mr B. - Staffs 

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Peru is an incredibly diverse country full of incredible riches both in terms of wildlife from the coast through the Andes to the Amazon basin; and in terms of culture with the obvious Inca remains of Machu Picchu complimented by a host other historic sites from numerous different peoples.

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A small selection of Amazon rainforest lodges and the best hotels around Machu Picchu and Cusco.

Due to the short notice of this trip Wildlife & Wilderness pulled all the stops to make it possible. Liz and I enjoyed it immensely. Mr. & Mrs. P. - Manchester

Well, we are back from Peru and had a wonderful time. We were impressed with the quality of our tour guide and the organisation was excellent. Ms. W. - London


A holiday in Peru is probably not on first thoughts likely to include many natural experiences. The Spanish colonial culture of Cusco and the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo and Pisac in the Sacred Valley, among others are probably some of the first reasons for visiting Peru. And whilst on the cultural aspects, you should also consider visiting northern Peru to visit the fabulous Temple of the Moon outside the colourful city of Trujillo and the fantastic collections of gold in museums around Chiclayo. Further south, Lake Titicaca is also highly recommended and kayaking is one of the best ways to get out to the islands to meet the local peoples.

Now, you should also consider the wildlife and birdlife of Peru! It is now one of the best places in Latin America to see jaguars. Local researchers say that Manu National Park is seeing jaguar on around 70% of excursions with tourists. Tapir, giant otters, giant anteaters and a good number of primate species inhabit the forests of the Amazon basin which covers vast areas of eastern Peru beyond the Andes. Manu Wildlife Center and camps within the national park make ideal locations for observing the wildlife and to enjoy bird watching. Daily activities are arranged including walks, climbing observation towers to the tree canopy, waiting out at hides and exploring ox-bow lakes by boat. River journeys in this region are the only way to go from A to B. One of the great bird watching trips is to travel from Cusco down through the cloud forest to join a boat and thus reach the Manu area.

Puerto Maldonado is easily reached with daily flights and there is a good choice of rainforest lodges on the rivers near nearby. Amazon rainforest holidays can start here and then journey by riverboat between lodges to reach, for example, Tambopata National Reserve and Tambopata Research Center. This remote outpost is located next to one of the largest know colpas or clay-licks in the Amazon. Each morning parrots and macaws, including many scarlet macaws, red-and-green macaws and blue-and-yellow macaws visit the colpa. It is a social meeting point for these and other parrot species and a true wildlife holiday highlight, making the journey there more than worthwhile. We have seen 13 parrot species here in a morning and it is not uncommon as they fly in from all over the surrounding forest to take on board the minerals that help neutralise the chemicals eaten in their diet.

Another region of the Amazon basin to consider including for wildlife is the Heath River system, a unique ecosystem in Peru of grassland plains. These pampas and adjoining rainforest can be combined from Heath River Wildlife Center lying close to the border of Peru and Bolivia.

Further north from Iquitos comfortable and luxury boats offer Amazon cruises and rainforest tours. Boats such as the M/V Aqua and M/V Aria offer complete luxury and optional guided daily excursions into the rainforest making this a civilised encounter with the wildlife of Peru.

The final region to consider is the Pacific coast south of Lima, a desert coast where whale watching is possible and up to 15 species of cetaceans have been seen. Paracas National Reserve is here too and there is a large colony of sea lions and Humboldt penguins that both feed in the rich waters. This park is also popular with bird watchers.

Whatever your interest in wildlife do consider visiting Peru and perhaps even combining it with a Galapagos cruise to enjoy a rewarding and diverse wildlife holiday. The more adventurous can combine rainforest holidays with trekking the Inca Trail or enjoying extended treks in other Andean mountain regions.


 WOW!!!!!! Just got back minus my luggage and not quite back in my body yet but we had a fabulous time. Thanks for all your work it all went very smoothly.Mrs. T. - Cheshire 

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