Bear watching holidays in the northern boreal forests and tundra of Canada where you can find brown bears, black bears and polar bears. For wildlife holidays in Europe, in Finland brown bears inhabit the taiga forests and in the high Arctic of Svalbard polar bears can be seen on Arctic cruises.

Suggested Itineraries

Ultimate Wilderness Retreat

7 Days

Remote rainforest location
Guided wilderness adventures
Outstanding wildlife encounters
Luxury eco-wilderness retreat

Grizzly Bear Safari

4, 5 or 6 Days

Great Bear Rainforest
Historic Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Float the Atnarko River
Grizzlies feasting on salmon
Nuxalk First Nations Culture

Bears & Nature of British Columbia

13 Days

Natural wilderness
Black bears & whales
West coast beaches
Great Bear Rainforest
Grizzly bears
Vibrant Vancouver

Grizzly Bears & Wildlife with the Bear Whisperer™

4, 5 or 6 Days

Grizzly Bears
Unique wilderness adventure
Diverse flora and fauna
Canadian hospitality
Expert guiding

Spirit of the West Coast

10 Days

Authentic First Nations culture
Close encounters with bears
Grizzlies, black bears & spirit bears
Marine wildlife
Small groups and expert guiding

Great Bear Rainforest Cruise

11 Days

Unique small ship cruise
Search for spirit bears, black bears & grizzlies
A rich marine environment
Native culture and history

Great Ice Bear Adventure

8 Days

Polar bears
Northern lights viewing
Amazing photographic opportunities
Exclusive wilderness lodge 

Birds, Bears & Belugas

9 Days

Beluga whales
Polar bears
Bird watching
Tundra flora
Wilderness lodge

Quebec Wildlife Self Drive

14 Days

Bears & beavers in the wild
Beautiful Saguenay Fjord
Whales of Tadoussac
French inspired local flavours

Wildlife & Wellness

7 Days

Boreal & coastal wildlife
Guided hikes
Daily meditation
Pilates and yoga
Arctic gourmet cuisine
Northern lights

Bear Watching In Finland

4 Days +

Bear watching,
Bird watching
Northern Taiga forests
Possibilities for wolves & wolverine
Relaxing saunas

Wild Adventures in Oulanka

5 Days

Oulanka National Park
Outdoor adventures
Bears in the wild
Expert guiding
Small wilderness hotel

Summer Bears & Cubs with Wild Arena 2019

• Expert advice and support from your Wild Arena guide
• Wonderful picture opportunities of Europe's most impressive mammal with the chance of cubs in summer light
• Exclusive individual use of professional hides
• Includes single occupancy accommodation and flights

Finland Brown Bears Spring Awakening with Wild Arena 2019

• Expert advice and support from your Wild Arena guide
• Wonderful picture opportunities of Europe's most impressive mammal very early in the season
• Exclusive use of professional photography hides
• Comfortable accommodation at a specialist centre on single occupancy basis

Introduction to Bear Watching Holidays

We have included on these pages bear watching holidays primarily from the temperate rainforests of the west coast of Canada where brown 'grizzly' and black bear can be found and the taiga forests of Finland where brown bears are also found. Of course we also have some polar bear holidays with bear safaris in Arctic Canada around Churchill and in the high Arctic of Svalbard, Norway where expedition cruises are the best way of seeing polar bears.

Bears roam the world and there are in total just 8 species and whilst all are under threat from habitat loss and other human intervention it is possible to see bears as far afield as the national parks in India where sloth bears roam and you may be lucky to see Asiatic black bears. Whilst in Asia, it is worth pointing out that giant pandas currently cannot be visited in the wild in Foping and Changqing National Parks due to ongoing survey work. In South America you can find spectacled or Andean bears in Peru and Ecuador.

More importantly, Costa Rica is a small country that is easily to travel in and has a wide choice of accommodation for all budgets. Consequently, Costa Rica holidays have a lot to offer all ages from honeymoons combining adventures and relaxation, to family holidays with a mix of child friendly activities or couples looking for a more sedate holiday enjoying nature.

Bear viewing varies tremendously between destinations. In Churchill, Canada you may visit a remote lodge and either view polar bears from behind a fence surrounding the lodge or perhaps get out and walk on the tundra. More commonly 'tundra buggies' are used as observation decks. In the high Arctic waters of Svalbard we use small cruise ships to give exceptional wildlife experiences and there are good opportunities to view polar bears.

In Finland the brown bears tend to live around the border zone with Russia where there is less human disturbance. Here you will visit hides in the forest that either take a small number of persons or for photographers just one or two persons at a time. The bear viewing tends to take place overnight when there is 24h daylight and the bears are usually baited close to the hides with pellets and fish scraps. Elsewhere in Europe, such as on our wildlife holidays in Poland it is possible to find bears roaming naturally among the southern mountains of the Tatras and Bieszczady. This species of European brown bear can also be found in good numbers in the southern forests of Slovenia.

In India's national parks bear viewing is likely to be serendipitous whilst on a game drive or staying at a lodge. In China giant pandas are tracked by local guides and the walking in the mountains requires a good level of physical ability due to vegetation covered steep slopes and distances potentially covered off trail.

Again in South America you are more likely to encounter bears whilst walking than by any other means. For completeness, the only bear not mentioned here is the smallest bear, the sun bear, which can be found in Southeast Asia.

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