Recorded at dawn in Rwanda, this is the first ambient sound microcast of the Wildlife & Wilderness Travel & Safaris show which is brought to you by your host Dr. Steve Banner. Steve is Director of tailor-made travel company, Wildlife & Wilderness. This soundscape of nature sounds is perhaps the perfect escapism for all of us unable to travel at present. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

This in fact an edited version of wildlife sounds from around 20 minutes of recording so let me know if you’d prefer to hear longer full versions in the future. In any case I’d love to know what you think and you can get in touch by email to podcasts(at) and I’ll respond. If you are thinking of visiting Rwanda or taking a safari in Africa check out our website at

Hopefully for some of you, the sounds will take you back to safaris through the African bush, for others, it is something to look forward to when we can all travel again. It epitomizes Africa as exotic, mysterious and full of life.

The field recording was made at Ruzizi Tented Lodge in Akagera National Park in Rwanda just before the camp was officially opened. Like the park, this luxury eco-lodge is run and managed by African Parks and they do tremendous work throughout Africa in wildlife conservation with community involvement. Check them out at .

Ruzizi is located next to Lake Ihema, one of the many lakes in Akagera National Park and the night before had been clear, hot and still. I started recording the ambient sounds just before dawn the next morning, and so you behind the bird calls you will hear frogs and numerous insects. We start with a red-chested cuckoo perched nearby and then there is what is often described as “the call of Africa”, from fish eagles. Hadada ibis fly over and there are many other lovely songs from the African bush.

For me the recording brings back many memories, I’d had a great day on safari travelling right through Akagera the day before from the northern gate south to Ruzizi Tented Lodge, with some good wildlife sightings along the way and I also recorded close to 100 species of birds. Akagera National Park is a fabulous destination for bird watching in Rwanda and combines brilliantly with the forests of Nyungwe and the volcanoes of the north where gorilla trekking is also possible.

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