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Listening to your aspirations we offer impartial and honest advice grounded in our knowledge of world-class experiences and our passion for wildlife and wild places. As nature specialists, we concentrate on providing the opportunity for extraordinary experiences.

Employing a creative and dynamic approach in designing travel to the some of the world's most inspirational destinations we intelligently thought out itineraries exceed expectations, as testified by tremendous repeat custom.

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Quintessential Africa

Our Africa

There is a sense of belonging we feel when returning to Africa, the magic is re-ignited in us with the sights, sounds and smells; and the charm is in the friendliness of the people. Africa is under our skin, a passion, a wonder and perhaps romantically because this is the place where the man was born.

Our experience of the African continent goes far beyond those countries featured here having travelled widely, but it is within these countries that we can offer the most insightful, professional and unbiased advice.

As we endeavour always to provide world-class experiences, then within Africa, unless specifically requested, we tend to favour smaller, intimate safari camps that provide terrific guiding and personal service. This is not a limiting factor as there are a wealth of unique camps and lodges throughout the African bush that can fulfil a lifetime of safaris in Africa. Some are isolated, simple bush camps others luxurious lodges yet all receive great appreciation from our clients.

Through this and many other small factors communicated to us, we know we have found you the right holiday time and again. Finally, perhaps like you, our clients rarely rush their safari holidays; staying a while to appreciate locations is a consistent theme. It goes without saying that our tailor-made itineraries are all truly unique.

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Into the Jungle

Tiger safaris in India have come of age

India now has a good selection of stunning camps and lodges located beside the best national parks and in wilderness areas. Combining these with outstanding heritage hotels and some fabulous boutique properties makes for a truly rewarding tailor made holiday in India. We've created itineraries that link some of the most luxurious properties without neglecting where our heart lies, in the diverse nature that exists across the remarkable sub-continent that is India.

One of the key features of our Indian wildlife holidays lies in the knowledge that you are likely to be guided by some great young guides passionate about their wildlife in India. Wildlife holidays in India are no longer all about chasing glimpses of tigers, wildlife viewing is far more considered in many places; we'll take you on walks in the parks and buffer zones, bird watching by canoe, or even camping wild for truly immersive experiences much like you might find in Africa.

Of course, as true specialists we have access to far more possibilities than can be shown through our India pages and many of your itineraries include a good dose of Indian culture and often some relaxation towards the end of a holiday.

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Winter Experiences

Genuine Nordic hospitality & Winter fun

For young and old there is something special about the magic of winter in the far north. Standing in awe at the beauty of the displaying northern lights, gliding silently along forest trails on skis or zooming along with dog sleds, perhaps getting off the beaten track with snowshoes, staying overnight in an igloo or wilderness cabin; then coming back to cosy rooms, wonderful food and hot saunas.

We love our winter holidays up in Sweden and Finland and we have lost count of how many times we have been beyond Arctic Circle but we know we have been providing great winter experiences and northern lights holidays to our clients since before the turn of the millenia.

Clients so frequently talk about the terrific hospitality and with so many years experience we know the great places to stay and where to find the best activities. Now it is your turn to discover what all it is all about…

Australia & New Zealand

Discover the amazing natural world downunder

Superlatives cannot really describe the beauty of vast Australia and dramatic New Zealand. As the first specialist tour operator offering wildlife holidays to Australia we really know the wealth of diversity this land holds, from reef to reef - Ningaloo to the Great Barrier; in between is the incredible outback, rainforest and temperate forest growing in extreme weathers from the Tropics down to the Roaring 40's in Tasmania. This diversity holds an incredible wealth of wildlife, not least due to the isolation of marsupial species.

A compelling reason to discover kangaroos, echidnas, platypus, penguins, quolls, dingos and devils is to meet with some outstanding guides, who live and breathe in their natural landscapes and convey the sense of wonder to you. This is true in New Zealand too, easily travelled on a self-drive holiday but you could miss so much of this ancient natural world which these guides bring to life. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or a casual walker enjoying nature we are confident in providing the very best opportunities to experience these two remarkable countries.

In both Australia and New Zealand we are blessed with wonderful hospitality, some stunning camps, lodges, homesteads and hotels of great quality. Wildlife cruises are popular too, from the north coast of Australia to the remote Antipodean Islands off the coast of New Zealand. Again across the oceans you will find first class guiding and world class experiences. We can bring this all together in your own unique tailor made holiday far removed from the mainstream offerings of holidays to Australia and New Zealand. Join us and find out why we are drawn to this region of the world.

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We had an amazing time! We loved it (and) we managed to see the Big 5!! Definitely will be using you again, I've had 2 of the best holidays so far booked through you! You definitely know the places to go and where to stay.

Ms. A. G. - Kenya Safari -.

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