New Zealand

Wader Watch Tour

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Another terrific day tour to include bird watching in your holiday. This tour focuses on the migrant wading birds and is possible between September and April. Visitor numbers are restricted to just 4 people in each group so pre-booking is required.

The tour travels to Farewell Spit as the tide is rising and time is spent at the base of the Spit observing the birds coming in to roost as the waters chase them across the inter-tidal plain. The tidal range at Farewell Spit is huge and at low tide 9km of sand flats are exposed from the clear waters of Golden Bay and it is here that the Arctic waders come to feed. The number of species seen depends greatly on the time of year, weather and the tides but experience over the year's shows that godwit, knot and turnstone are present from September to April and can amass in huge numbers.

This tour is completely dependent on the tides and therefore on occasion is unable to take place.

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