Situated in JukkasjÀrvi, 200km north of the Arctic Circle in the northern reaches of Swedish Lapland, ICEHOTEL was founded in 1989 and is the world's original hotel built entirely from snow and ice, often copied but never bettered.

The classic ICEHOTEL is not just a hotel, it is a unique work of art which sees artists from around the world gathering to create an exclusive and breathtaking exhibition that will melt away leaving only its footprint come springtime.

Transforming from solid ice to a free-flowing river during the space of a few months, this amazing feat of construction takes place annually with the first visitors arriving in early December to witness the final touches taking place of one of the worlds' most extreme building processes. From mid-December through to early April you can witness this mesmerizing creation on daily guided tours or for an experience like no other you may choose to spend a night in sub-zero temperatures on a bed made of ice.

You can now experience the unique concept on 'sleeping on ice' all year round with the introduction of ICEHOTEL 365. This permanent structure that sits alongside the original allows you to experience both summer and autumn adventures in addition to the classic winter activities on offer. The interior holds the same fantastic architecture and visual design as the winter structure, and during the summer months the entire building is chilled by the sun, by way of solar power. Outside, as the surface snow melts away, the grass covered arched roof will be revealed.

With two 'warm' restaurants, an Ice Chapel and the iconic ICEBAR, ICEHOTEL offers both warm and cold accommodation, ensuring this internationally acclaimed icon provides a complete Arctic experience whether you choose to stay for the night, a few days or simply wish to take a look around.

LocationJukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland

SeasonYear round

Rooms65 Cold Rooms

ActivitiesSummer | Hiking, biking, nature activities Winter | Snowmobile adventures, reindeer and Sami experiences, dog sledding, northern lights & ice sculpting

Suitable forCouples, friends & families

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