To this small selection of outstanding experiences we will be adding longer tour ideas in due course. In the meantime if you are intending to safari for an extended period on any continent then do contact us.

Introduction to Ultimate Experiences

If you are looking for an exceptional appreciation of the natural world, we are now offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences that do just that, among the world's most remote and spectacular landscapes.

We go above and beyond in arranging these tailor-made, hand-picked trips. We consult naturalists, environmentalists and conservationists, as well as tapping into local knowledge to create individual itineraries which allow you to have memorable and unique experiences of nature in the raw - wildlife and wilderness first hand.

Dr. Steve Banner, Director of Wildlife & Wilderness explains: "We always described our tailor made trips as intelligent itineraries no matter what the budget, because we always want guests to have the best experience either observing wildlife or just being in the wilderness. With our Ultimate Experiences, we are taking this one step further by introducing once in a lifetime holidays, ideal for those on sabbatical, empty nesters or even honeymooners."

So what makes these trips so special? We are passionate about our wild places and we want people to get away and really experience them, whatever it takes - time, budget, energy or imagination. Guests are guaranteed some of the best wildlife and wilderness experiences the globe has to offer and these crafted itineraries make sure you have the opportunity to gain an in depth appreciation the flora and fauna of some of the world's great biomes. We are confident these itineraries are a new offering for travel in the natural world.

Whatever budget or extended time frame you may have, we have an ultimate Wildlife & Wilderness experience that will work for you. Consult us today and we can start discussion on exactly what type of exceptional trip you desire.

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