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Outback Wildlife

magpie geese

100sqkm of wetlands and over 1 million magpie geese. The honking is incredible as you go amongst them in the early mornings and it must be one of the great experiences of an Australian safari holiday. Here in the Northern Territories of Australia this is the land of big skies, woolly butt and paperbark trees, where the wallabies are calm and the saltie crocs almost invisible in the waters. Other bird life is impressive here too from blue-winged kookaburras, red-tailed cockatoos to the brolgas and white-bellied sea eagles. Birdwatching in Australia could become addictive, indeed we spent a good while with sacred kingfishers and  bar-breasted honeyeaters feeding young at a nest of entwined gum leaves hanging over snow-flake lilies in the flooded woodlands. Considering outback holidays in Australia? Then ensure you continue to read as we explore the great diversity of this continent nation and be sure to talk with us on our return!

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