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Australia Safari Holidays

Steve has just heard that the numbers of whale sharks swimming on Ningaloo Reef this year are some of the highest on record so he is about to head off to find out what the excitement is about! Australia is often forgotten as a safari destination but the diversity of both habitats and of the wildlife should encourage any nature enthusiast to visit. And with an increasing number of wilderness camps it is now easier to experience. At this time of the year, May-June, it is the best time to be in the north in places like Kakadu which is Australia’s largest National Park, the rainforests of Queensland and of course on the pristine reef of Ningaloo in Western Australia where besides whale sharks and myriads of fish, dugong and manta rays can be seen. Other posts from Australia are likely to be forthcoming at the Waterhole here over the next few weeks and you can discuss a wildlife holiday or a safari through Australia with Steve on his return.

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