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Rare geology - Prolific bird life - Wild natural habitats - Unique flora & fauna - Superb walking trails

Outline Itinerary

1. Depart from Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch to the Chatham Islands
2. A day of guided exploring
3. A day of guided exploring
4. A day of guided exploring
5. Depart for mainland New Zealand


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Located just over 800km east of Christchurch the Chatham Islands are a small archipelago of islands, of which only two are inhabited -Chatham and Pitt. These remote islands are New Zealand's final frontier, amongst the first islands in the world to welcome the sunrise each day and unexplored by the masses.

Your 5 day stay here will showcase the unique geology, rich cultural history, untouched coastlines and beaches of the Chatham Islands which also give refuge to many of New Zealand's threatened bird species as well as numerous varieties which breed nowhere else on earth it is a haven for ornithologists. Sightings of rare species, such as the black robin and the Chatham Island taiko along with red-crowned parakeets, tui, tomtits, mollymawks, oyster catchers and petrels means the Chatham Islands have become world famous among birdwatchers and conservationists. Many of the rarer species have been brought back from near extinction by conservation projects.

The Chatham Islands are also home to almost 400 species of flowering plants and ferns, many of which are indigenous to the islands, including the Chatham Island forget-me-not, the symbol of the island. The diverse geology of the islands includes ancient volcanoes, basalt columns, schist's and sediments including limestone and the land has been eroded, uplifted and drowned countless times - resulting in truly diverse environments.

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