New Zealand


Birding Down Under


Expedition cruising to the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia - Knowledgeable crew and expedition team - Unique birding experience - Outstanding photographic opportunities

Outline Itinerary

1. Arrive Invercargill and join your fellow voyagers for dinner.
2. Southland Museum visit and embarkation.
3. The Snares - North East Island.
4. Auckland Islands - Enderby Island.
5. Auckland Islands - Carnley Harbour.
6. At sea.
7-8. Macquarie Island.
9. At sea.
10. Campbell Island - Perseverance Harbour.
11. At sea.
12. Antipodes Island.
13. Bounty Islands.
14. At sea and Pyramid Rock.
15. Chatham Islands - Waitangi.
16. South east Island and Mangere Islands.
17-18. At sea.
19. Arrive Dunedin to disembark.


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Departure Dates

Voyage 1561: 15 November - 03 December 2015

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Heritage Expeditions was originally formed in 1985 by Rodney Russ and today remains a family owned and operated company who are committed to providing a truly authentic expedition cruising experience.

Expedition cruising offers travellers not only the opportunity to go where few have been before but to also experience the wildlife and wilderness in a genuine and responsible way. The smaller vessel used allows access to areas inaccessible to larger ships and the reduced number of participants maximize your time on the islands allowing you to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the remote locations visited.

The Voyage With a huge appeal to birding enthusiasts this Heritage Expeditions 'signature ' voyage offers a rare opportunity to visit the isolated Subantarctic Islands that occupy the tempestuous latitudes of the Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties; Snares, Bounty, Antipodes, Auckland, Campbell, Macquarie and Chatham Islands.

With the exception of the Chatham Islands, all the islands visited are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites and play host to a diverse collection of seabirds, with more than 40 species breeding in the region, 10 of the world's albatross species amongst them, 5 of which breed nowhere else in the world. In addition to a plethora of pelagic species, the islands are also home to endemic flora and marine mammals including sea lions, fur seals and elephant seals.

Not limited only to keen birders, this voyage offers an insight into the history of the Southern Ocean discovery and exploration, provides unique photographic opportunities for landscape and wildlife photographers and allows you to discover more about island ecology, botany and geology.

As one of just 50 passengers travelling onboard the Spirit of Enderby you will enjoy the more intimate side of small ship expedition cruising whilst experiencing a truly unique and pristine part of the world rarely frequented by other ships. The ship is crewed by a very enthusiastic Russian Captain and crew and also accompanying you onboard are experienced naturalists and guides who have dedicated a lifetime to field research in the areas you will visit. This particular voyage has operated annually for over 20 years, allowing you to benefit from the extensive knowledge and expertise gained from past expeditions.

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