Tasmania Romantic Safari


Hiking & mountain biking - Quolls & Platypus - Maria Island Walk - Luxury Retreat

Outline Itinerary

1. Depart UK
2. In flight
3. Arrive Launceston
4. Visit Tamar Wetlands or Cataract Gorge. To Scottsdale
5. Hike on Ben Lomond, mtn bike descent. Evening Quoll Patrol with bush dinner
6. Safari to Mt. William return to Launceston
7. Drive to Hobart. Mt. Field wildlife excursion
8. Maria Island Walk
9. Maria Island Walk
10. Maria Island Walk
11. End Maria Island Walk & drive to Swansea & private dinner for 2
12. Day at leisure to explore Great Oyster Bay
13. Return to Hobart airport to depart.
14. Arrive UK.


From 5000 excl. flights

Departure Dates

To your requirements October - April

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A new era is dawning for Tasmania, Australia's wild southern island is a place where you can find yourself in the wilderness or on a wild beach accompanied by only the finest food & wine. At night relax in world class sophistication and comfort.

This romantic safari starts in Launceston where you can enjoy dinner in the refined atmosphere of the Stillwater Restaurant. Next day kick-off the adventure with a hike to the summit of Ben Lomond, the second highest mountain in Tasmania and in the afternoon scream on the hair-raising mountain bike descent down its slopes which ultimately take you nicely to a bush BBQ cooked for 2 in a meadow by your legendary bush guide. As it turns dark the wildlife will appear here, first wombats and brush-tailed possums, then later endemic Tasmanian pademelons and Bennett's wallabies, but the highlight of the evening show are the spectacularly charismatic eastern quolls. These fawn & white or black & white marsupials (they come in 2 colour morphs) are carnivorous insectivores and real opportunists as they dart around your feet.

After a comfortable night in the spa room at a local heritage property your safari continues to Mt. William National Park on the northeast coast. The grassy plains and open woodland here are home to Tasmania's largest marsupial, the Forester kangaroo. Wombats, wallabies, Tasmanian devils and numerous other species can be seen here too.

Next morning you journey to Hobart for an excursion in search of duck-billed platypus, bettongs and bandicoots that live among the giant old gum trees of Mt. Field National Park. Here too you'll discover the lovely Russell Falls before returning to your accommodation in the state capital, a delightful boutique art hotel.

Maria Island Walk is a special experience; a wonderful adventure of discovery, 4 days on a forested island with the most magnificent white, sandy beaches. You'll have the opportunity to traverse the island, climb to its highest point, swim and enjoy the wildlife including an endangered bird species, which is privileged to have this island national park as their home. Each evening of the walk is spent in a fixed camp where you are wined and dined by candlelight hosted by your guides with excellent Tasmanian produce and on the final night you can enjoy a celebratory meal in one of the very few historic houses remaining on the island.

Leaving this spot of paradise is hard, perhaps you'll jump hand in hand off the jetty to round out the adventure! However, it's now time to relax and indulge and the perfect location is just a few kilometres up the road. Your accommodation for the last few nights is the ultimate luxurious eco-retreat. Architecturally magnificent, this highly sophisticated property comes with the most outstanding view over Great Oyster Bay where of an evening the sunlight dances dramatically on the islands and on the Freycinet Peninsula opposite. The view is unique but turn around and a sumptuous living space awaits complete with a gourmet meal for two cooked by your very own private chef. The perfect way to round out a romantic adventure at the bottom of the world.

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