Enjoy our great range of holidays in Finland from spring, summer and autumn wildlife holidays, in particular for bears and wolves; to northern lights holidays, winter activity holidays and dog sledding holidays during the winter months from December until mid-April. With good flight connections from the UK and Europe, adventures in the wilds of Finland are perfect for short breaks.

From the minute we arrived to the sad moment we had to leave we had a fantastic time! Lucky enough to see the northern lights 3 out of 3 nights and had memorable experiences with our activities. The whole weekend was a blast!!Ms. L. - Bournemouth

It was a dream holiday, a real adventure. Thank you.Ms. M. - London

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Discover Our Finland - And why you should travel with us

The unexpected frozen intake of breath as you step off the aeroplane on arrival in Lapland.

The awesome moment you reach the summit of a fell by snowshoe and truly appreciate you are looking out to some of Europe's last true wilderness areas.

Watching a European brown bear in its natural habitat, from the safety of a hide, as it forages on the forest floor just meters away.

Immersing yourself in the silence of nature as you whiz through a snow laden forest mushing your own team of huskies.

Savouring the assault on your taste buds as you sample the freshest Arctic Char cooked over an open fire in the heart of the wilderness.

Embracing the Finns laidback approach to life and discovering the locals are refreshingly friendly, patient and unusually modest.

Drinking the freshest water straight from the lake or river.

Meeting the local Sami people and embracing their fascinating way of life and close connection with the land and nature.

Sitting on a snowmobile out on a frozen lake watching the bright northern lights dance overhead.

Losing your inhibitions as you indulge in one of the Finn's most important cultures, sauna. It has been said that if you do not experience sauna, then you do not experience Finland.

Sampling reindeer meat for the first time and discovering you actually love it!

Roasting sausages on a fire in a cosy Kota.

Appreciating the Finns love of coffee as you drink from a hand carved kuksa.

Making sure there is room in your suitcase for just one more souvenir of stunning simplistic Finnish design.

Our trip ideas have been carefully thought through based on our own personal knowledge, offering some unique experiences in some of the best wilderness hotels whether you are seeking an action-packed adventure, rest and relaxation or romance.

Now enjoy browsing or contact us for expert advice.

Dogsledding - Wilderness Husky Safaris in Finland

Between us we have experienced a multitude of winter adventures but nothing beats the excitement of a dog sled safari! The sense of freedom as you whizz across the frozen landscape is second to none; and the silence only broken by the soft scrunch of the dogs' paws and the whoosh of the sled runners as you glide though snow.

Whether you choose a short taster trip or a multi-day adventure, your excitement and anticipation will build in equal measure as you are introduced to your team and prepare for the off. As the brakes are released, hold on tight as the dogs are as excited as you and eager to run, but before long you will settle into their rhythm and become at one with the team.

No experience is necessary as you will be given full instructions before setting off and once you have experienced the thrill of dog sledding we guarantee you'll be back for more!.

Now enjoy browsing our trip ideas or contact us for expert advice.

Northern Lights - Searching for the Aurora Borealis

To witness the northern lights is a wish on many peoples list, but to understand this naturally occurring phenomenon is another thing entirely.

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are created when protons and electrons resulting from solar flares from the sun’s surface, enter the Earth’s magnetic field and collide with gas in our atmosphere. Collisions with different gases produce different coloured auroras and the initial strength of the solar flares determine the intensity of the auroral activity and displays.

Many believe the further north you travel the better your chance of seeing the northern lights. Whilst predominantly true this is not always the case. Auroras appear in a ring, known as the ‘Auroral Oval’, around the Arctic regions, although they have been seen from Scotland and from below the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia and Iceland on a number of nights each winter.

Although present in our atmosphere year-round, the northern lights are not visible in the summer months when the Arctic regions experience 24-hour daylight (May to July). As the nights begin to draw in during autumn and early winter, auroral activity can be observed between the hours of 10pm and 1am, however during the long dark days of winter (December-January) they may also be seen in the late afternoon and early evening.

You need clear skies to view the aurora borealis and this is why we choose Lapland as one of our preferred destinations. Less affected by coastal weather systems the climate here tends to stabilize later in the winter with sunny days and clear night skies. Little or no light pollution is also a huge advantage and is just one of the many factors taken into account when choosing our preferred accommodations.

Another factor to take into account is that the northern lights are unpredictable. Whilst many of our guests have experienced amazing auroras during their travels, others have not been so lucky. All, however, have come home after enjoying a truly memorable holiday due to the fantastic locations, outstanding activities and the sheer beauty of Finland and its amazing people. And what better reason do you need to return!

Now enjoy browsing our trip ideas or contact us for expert advice.

Bears - and other wildlife of the Taiga forests

Bear watching in the wilds of the Finnish – Russian border area is one of best wildlife experiences to be found in Europe. The anticipation builds as you sit in a small hide waiting for some action to begin; when will the bears arrive? Sure enough they quietly emerge from the forest to provide a wonderful evening spectacle under the constant light of the midnight summer, mothers with playful cubs, large adult males and everything in between.

Along the border in the north there are a number of well-established bear watching centres. At some there are good chances of seeing other mammals such as wolves and wolverine too. Bear watching begins in April and runs through until September although it never gets dark from May to July.

In most locations there are professional hides for keen photographers, smaller and without an accompanying guide they are sited for prime viewing of any wildlife that comes to visit.

Bear watching is often a short break holiday but we can organise a road trip to visit several locations or combine with walks, canoeing, white water-rafting or other outdoor activities for the more adventurous.

Now enjoy browsing our trip ideas or contact us for expert advice.

Glass Rooms - Aurora watching in comfort

Lapland offers many reasons to visit but top of the list for many people is to experience the Northern Lights. This 'bucket list' dream is now so popular that in order maximize viewing opportunities the Finns have created some ingenious and rather unique accommodations. Designed with warmth and comfort in mind, all offer a memorable experience whether you choose a stand-alone stay or combine with more traditional styled accommodation.

Enjoy browsing our selected sky view rooms or contact us for expert advice.

Helsinki - a perfect stopover

Small, confident and cosmopolitan Helsinki is an interesting stopover for those heading further afield. The city centre is compact enough that it is easy to walk between the main sites of interest in a day. In the winter Helsinki barely seems to stir but in the summer with the long nights it is lively and vibrant and for travellers easy to get out and visit the surrounding archipelago and countryside. A coastal capital with architecture spanning from the neo-classical with eastern influences through art nouveau to modern Nordic minimalism it is a pleasing city to explore. Let us arrange your stopover.

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Summer - Long warm days for adventures in the outdoors

After the long cold Finnish winters the arrival of summer is welcomed and the Finn's can't wait to get outside. Often referred to as 'The Land of the Midnight Sun', during the summer in Lapland the sun does not set at all for a couple of months. Even in Helsinki the twilight hours are barely noticeable as many enjoy the endless days of summer late into the night.

Traditional lakeside holiday cottages are a quintessential part of Finnish life and this is where lazy summer days are spent with family and friends swimming, fishing and gathering the freshest foods from the land and lakes for evening BBQ’s under the midnight sun.

With so many lakes and rivers there are many adventures to be had on and around the water, from canoeing to white-water rafting. Fishing is a popular pastime as is a cooling dip in the lake after the inevitable sauna. Explore the boreal forests and national parks on foot or by bicycle, seek out the array of wildlife that reside here including bears, wolves, lynx, wolverine and the rare Saimaa ringed seal. Finland is also a bird watcher's paradise with eagles, owls, capercalliie, black grouse, Siberian jays and the graceful whooper swan, Finland's national bird.

So, if you're struggling with a summer holiday destination this year, then look no further. Pack you hiking boots and head to Finland where the summer days are long, the wilderness green and nature is at its very best.

Enjoy browsing our trip ideas or contact us for expert advice.

Family holidays - adventures for all ages

There is nothing quite like spending time with family and to enjoy new adventures and experiences together is priceless. Whether you chose to travel in summer or winter, we have the perfect family itinerary for you.

Relish the joy on your children's faces as they hand feed the reindeer or make their very first snow angel. Watch them grow as they immerse themselves into Sami culture or sample new and exciting foods. Share their delight as you speed across a frozen lake by husky drawn sled and be mesmerized together by the northern lights, a truly enlightening moment especially when shared with those closest to you.

Now enjoy browsing our trip ideas or contact us for expert advice.

Our Holiday Ideas

These short breaks cover the full range of wilderness activities in Finland both in the summer and winter. However, we have a great reputation for tailoring holidays to Finland exactly to your requirements.





We have been using the core of this selection of hotels in Lapland and eastern Finland for many years and have been working with some companies in Finland long before some were built. Consistent reports from clients confirm that these are all great choices for holidays in Finland.

We had a WONDERFUL time. We found the Finnish people to be so friendly, the food was really good, the sport exhausting and we also managed to see around Helsinki - having fun getting lost in the snow!Mrs. E. O'B. - Norfolk

Thought you would like to know that we had the most wonderful time at Harriniva. Thoroughly enjoyed all the activities (did extra huskies and horse riding) and saw the Northern Lights on 3 evenings. Food and staff were excellent too. We thought this would be a "one off" holiday but already thinking about next year!Mr. & Mrs. C. - Worcs.

About Finland

For our Director, Steve, travel to Finland stretches back to 1986 when he first reached the country from northern Norway by road and camped wild in the forests whilst journeying southwards. Since then he and other staff have travelled throughout Finland many times, during all seasons and participated in numerous activities. Steve has also been invited back to consult on tourism development projects in the Wild Taiga region of northeast Finland.

What really strikes us each time we return, besides the huge forests, the number of lakes and general peacefulness of the countryside, is the hospitality of the Finns. They really do know how to produce good holidays whether they are winter activity holidays, wildlife holidays, or summer adventures hiking and canoeing. There is a deep respect and love for the outdoors and Finland has packaged this and it translates well into Wildlife & Wilderness holidays.

Yet this is Nordic region is mostly off the radar for Brits and Europeans. The taiga forest that stretches from Norway, Sweden and Finland right across Siberia is a biome that we know little about. The wildlife here is different and distinctive. Brown bears, wolves, elk, lynx, wild reindeer and beavers are present. Bird species seen include capercaillie, black grouse; owls including great grey, Ural, Tengmalm's, hawk and pygmy owls; red-throated and black-throated loons on the lakes with goldeneye and smew; cranes, Siberian jays and willow tits among others.

In summer it can be hot and sunny with 24 hour daylight and in winter cold with deep snows and the brilliant aurora borealis. There are so many more possibilities for natural adventures here and if you go and try the more popular winter activity holidays then we encourage you to return in the summer and enjoy the outdoors as the Finns do.


A number of people have asked who organised this holiday so I have recommended you.Mrs. H. - Manchester

W&W did a great job creating our itinerary, very knowledgeable and always returned our email enquiries promptly.The L. Family - Saudi Arabia.

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Finland Travel Information

CAPITAL Helsinki

TIME ZONE GMT +2 hours


To: Helsinki with connections to all airports north
Airlines: Finnair, SAS
Flight time: approx. 3 hours to Helsinki, 1.5 hours onwards to Lapland


Tetanus is recommended. You should consult your G.P. for up to date and precise details before travelling.


To dispel a few myths... In Finland the summer months are long, usually dry and hot, temperatures often reaching 25 - 30°C, even in Lapland. The Finns enjoy this time to visit their cottages and experience the outdoors. The whole country in summer is not infested with mosquitos... They do occur in some areas for a few weeks in late June and early July but are mostly absent in August and September. The nights can start to get cooler towards the end of September, when the autumn colours are particularly brilliant.
By contrast winters can be cold, down to -40°C or more although this is rare and an average in February or March may be between -15 to -20°C in Lapland. This is experienced as a dry cold, far different from the dank, wet cold we experience in the UK. Warm clothing suitable for these conditions is always provided by our Finnish colleagues although you should of course take some warm clothing of your own. Accommodation is also warm.
The dark, short days of winter during December and January do not last long and even then there is plenty of light reflected from the snowy landscape during this 'blue' period. By mid-February there is plenty of daylight for activities and by April you will still have abundant snow and long daylight hours.
You may travel to Finland year round as we have done.

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